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Nitro RC Auto Platz

Beitragvon iMiladRC » 8. September 2017, 18:09


I have a Nitro RC Car and searching for a place to play with. I know that is forbidden in Vienna and I have to go outside of the center but I could not find any.

Can someone please let me know where can I go? and can I go at any time? should I pay for the place?

Thank you guys in advanced
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Re: Nitro RC Auto Platz

Beitragvon paul » 9. September 2017, 01:49

!Welcome to our forum! :)

A good overview of clubs can be found on the website of the Austrian Organisation >
there are some tracks around Vienna but it depends on the class of nitro car you are running (e.g. onroad or offroad) where should go

Usually tracks are open for practice on weekends or by appointment (telephone call or email) – and for non-members a small practice fee per day is asked > often the first visit is for free :cool:

btw. it would be nice if you could complete your profil according to the rules :rolleyes:
have fun,
paul - DAS RC-Car-Museum im Internet :cool:
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